Design 101: Matching Your Floors to Your Furniture

Before you pick the type of wood you want to use in your engineered floors, take into consideration the type of furniture that will eventually go in the room. While matching furniture to wood floors is easier than matching it to carpet, there are still some guidelines you can follow to make sure everything ties together well. As an example, here are a few popular sofa styles and the types of hardwood that look best with them.

Lawson Sofa
Lawson sofas are probably the most common sofa in the country, and for good reason. They have a high back, low arms, and big, soft cushions. Great for families or individuals fond of napping, lawson sofas go with a more subtle wood type such as Brazilian Cherry, Maple, or Red Oak. Stay away from flashy colors or grain patterns as they will clash with the more traditional lawson style.

Slipper Sofa
Very sleek and modern, slipper sofas generally have no arms and are rather small. Dark, exotic woods are a great compliment to the slipper’s no-frills look. Try Ipe, Acacia or Birch, and finish with a deep brown or burgundy stain. Ooh-la-la!

Finished Brazilian Cherry with Lawson Sofa

Settee Sofa
Settees go well with classic, sophisticated design schemes. Settees often feature carved wood frames and upholstered cushions and look great with rich, elegant wood types. Try wood without a lot of grain pattern, such as Maple, Birch or Amendoim, as the detail on the sofa shouldn’t have to compete for attention.

Bridgewater Sofa
Known for their comfort and sheer laid-back-edness, bridgewater sofas are big, low to the ground, and great for entertainment rooms. Pair this sofa with a more rustic wood type, such as Hickory, Walnut, or White Oak for a rugged, family-friendly aesthetic.

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