Hardwood Mechanical Properties – What Do They Really Mean?

Do you get confused when hardwood flooring professionals start talking about Janka hardness or the modulus of expansion? That’s okay. Unless you are a hardwood professional yourself you probably don’t know the technical jargon. Well, here are a few key technical terms and what they mean. Enjoy!

Hardness: This specification measures how resistant a wood species is to indentation. The higher then number, the harder the wood.

Modulus of Rupture: This is a measure of the wood’s “strength”. In other words, the MOR measures how much force is required to break the wood. This measurement will tell you how much weight the wood can carry.

Modulus of Expansion: Also called “stiffness”, the MOE is a measure of the wood’s resistance to bending. A high MOE means the wood is less likely to buckle or bend over time.

Density: Measured in KG per cubic meter, a wood’s density tells you how much weight and damage a hardwood floor can take before breaking or bending. A very dense wood will also be less likely to experience rot or insect infestations.

If you’d like more detailed information on hardwood mechanical properties, check out this useful article: “Hardwood Mechanical Properties – What Do They Really Mean?”

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