How should I maintain my engineered floor?

An engineered floor, or any other fine wood flooring for that matter, can only maintain its beauty if it is properly maintained. While maintaining hardwood flooring is fairly simple, it is important to perform maintenance often and in the correct manner. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to make sure that all dirt and debris are clear from the floor. One of the biggest threats to a finished wood floor is debris becoming caught under a furniture leg and then dragging that piece of furniture across the floor. Which leads us to the next tip:

2. Lift furniture to move it. The legs themselves may wear and become sharp or jagged, presenting the threat of a major gouge. A piece of debris may also become caught underneath them, with the subsequent pressure causing an otherwise benign pebble to become as damaging as a knife point.

3. Do not apply excess amounts of water when mopping. The first rule of maintaining any hardwood floor is to keep it away from water and other forms of moisture as much as possible. Water causes swelling and a myriad of other nasty problems for a engineered and solid hardwood flooring alike. Therefore, when mopping the floor (with a cleaner approved by the manufacturer for hardwood flooring) make sure that the mop is not sopping-wet and that it is clean. A mop that is dirty and not well-wrung will probably cause more harm than good. Make sure to wipe up excess water with a soft cloth.

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