Red Oak vs. White Oak: What’s the Difference?

We talk a lot about different types of hardwood flooring on this blog, and sometimes we refer to species and terminology as if all of our readers were industry professionals. For that, we apologize. We understand that sometimes terms can be used without any explanation, and that can be confusing.

White Oak Flooring
Engineered White Oak Flooring

For instance, we often refer to oak flooring on this blog. It’s dependable, attractive, and relatively inexpensive. But there are two main types of oak flooring – red oak flooring and white oak flooring – and we often talk about them without discussing the differences between the two.

Well, no more. There are many noticeable differences between red oak flooring and white oak flooring, as well as similarities. These differences include areas such as strength and durability, appearance, movement in service, and maintenance. Check out “Red Oak Flooring VS White Oak Flooring – What’s The Difference?” for more information on these two amazing hardwood species.

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