Stains and Oak Floors – How to Prevent a Mess

Nothing is more frustrating for homeowners than getting stains on their beautiful new hardwood oak flooring. Stains are not only unattractive but can lower the value of your home. Luckily for you, there are a number of things you can do to prevent stains from forming. Here are the top techniques for making sure stains don’t set.

Preventing Oak Flooring Stains
Using a high-quality sealant can prevent stains on hardwood surfaces.

What causes stains?
The first weapon in your battle against oak flooring stains is knowledge. Knowing how stains form will help you change your behavior and prevent stains from forming in the first place.
Stains are caused when liquid, usually dark, viscous or oily, sits on a hardwood floor for a length of time. The fluid seeps into the grain and heartwood and dyes it, causing a stain. If the floor has been treated with a sealant, the stain will take longer to set. Floors that aren’t treated are most vulnerable to stains – a dark discoloration can set in a matter of minutes.

How can I prevent stains?
The best way to prevent stains is to use good judgement. Don’t run around the house with a full glass of wine. Don’t let you kids carry open jars of jelly from room to room. You get the idea.
Apart from good judgment, the next best way to prevent stains is to use a good sealer or finish. A good finish will help protect oak flooring from most types of liquid stains by preventing the liquid from reaching the heartwood.
The third best way to prevent stains is to act fast. Wiping or mopping up the spill within a few minutes will prevent the majority of stains from setting.

Yes, stains can ruin any attractive oak flooring and cause a lot of disappointment. However, with a little knowledge and the right preventative measures, you can stop stains before they start. Turn in next time when we explore the best ways to remove pre-existing stains. See you then!

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