Will a down economy convert frugal consumers into engineered flooring advocates?

With economic times as they are, engineered flooring is becoming a more and more viable option, and for good reason. First of all, and perhaps most obvious, an engineered floor is a cheaper option than a solid hardwood floor, making it a much more viable option for those looking to pinch a few pennies. The reason that engineered flooring is ultimately cheaper than solid hardwood is because the expensive specie that makes up the wear layer is only a thin layer in the overall structure of the board. The rest of the board is comprised of plywood that costs less to acquire and mill for manufacturers. I’m interested to see if this newfound frugality in America creates a bigger demand for engineered flooring, and if, subsequently, once consumers realize that engineered flooring is far more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood flooring, if they will become devoted to engineered products thereafter. There are some advantages of solid flooring, such as a general acoustic quality, meaning that it gives off a different sound than an engineered floor. This is particularly true when an engineered floor is floated. Some say that this creates a “hollow” sound. Then there is the additional benefit that solid hardwood can be sanded and refinished more often than engineered flooring. Naturally, a thicker wear layer on an engineered floor means more opportunities for sanding and refinishing. But I’m interested to see if we see more people advocating engineered products and to see if those who were traditionally proponents of solid hardwood floor come over to the engineered side because of being forced to consider engineered as an option for economic reasons.

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